I strongly believe that collaborative research is key to solving complex technical problems. I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with excellent mentors, students and researchers over the years. Below is a list of some recent collaborations:

Name Institution Topic
Enrique Mallada Johns Hopkins University Existence of power flow solutions in radial networks
Daniel Molzahn Argonne Rigorous error bounds on power flow approximations
Bernard Lesieutre Wisconsin Continuation methods to find multiple local optima in optimal power flow
Adam Wierman Caltech Analysis and design of electricity markets
Steven Low Caltech Power systems optimization/control
Leonard Schulman Caltech Analysis of Fisher markets
Yuval Rabani Hebrew University Analysis of Fisher markets
Konstantin Turitsyn MIT Robust feasibility and stability in power systems
Michael Chertkov LANL Monotonicity in power and gas networks
Scott Backhaus LANL Planning in power systems under uncertainty
Emanuel Todorov UW Stochastic optimal control
Maryam Fazel UW Convex optimization, compressive sensing
Pascal Van Hentenryk University of Michigan Graphical models for power systems